QiYi *THUNDERCLAP* V1 - 3x3 Professionnel & Compétition Cube de Vitesse Speed Cube Magic Cube Puzzle 3D - Sans Autocollants / STICKERLESS - B01NCX2RSB

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  • The Thunderclap is a 2015 3x3 puzzle Speed Cube from QiYi, this is the version 1 and the most famous of the thunderclap models

  • ★\ PERFORMANCES /★ The QiYi Thunderclap has been universally acclaimed to be a very good Speed Cube. The cube is fast, smooth, controlable and difficult to pop. Corner cutting is excellent and edges are nicelly rounded, making solves very comfortable. The price / performances ratio is among the best and the overall quality is excellent, it's a speedcube built to last with no compromise!

  • ★\ TECHNICAL SPECS /★ 56mm wide - 88Gr - High quality materials - Classic architecture elements: no squared off corners, no fancy grooves or structure, but an old trusty design and yet a solid performer - The QiYi THUNDERCLAP is one of these cubes which can be precisely fine-tuned to match the user preferences exactly. Out of the box the Thunderclap has a great turning feel and only demands to be solved!

  • ★\ BRAIN TRAINING BENEFITS /★ Magic Cube resolutions develop Brain abilities & Cognitive Skills! Better Concentration, Imagination & Space transformation ability, Memory, Logic thinking, Reaction rate & Hand-Eye coordination. Everyone benefit to play with a puzzle cube, keep your brain sharp!

  • ★\ FUNNY & ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA /★ Super Fun to solve, Stress Releasing & Mental elasticity Challenging - Fascinating Gift Idea for Kids, Family, Colleagues or that Smart friend! - Easy to carry & Elegant accessory in any Space, Room or Office - Get a quality timeless classic puzzle cube!

  • Package Content:

    1 x Original QiYi MoFangGe THUNDERCLAP V1 Speed Cube STICKERLESS
    1 x Original QiYi MoFanGe Cube Bag
    1 x Chinese-English User Manual
    1 x Original box

    Cubing tips:

    To adjust the cube to your turning style, simply open the center piece cap and adjust the screw with a screwdriver for each side until the cube match your needs
    Some cubes may have been factory pre-lubricated, to achieve best performances we recommend to make some solves or wipe it off before adding other lubricants

    Want to learn solving a cube quickly? Have a look on Beginners 3x3 methods on Youtube

    Want to solve a cube faster? mid-advanced methods and slow turning are the way!

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    QiYi *THUNDERCLAP* V1 - 3x3 Professionnel & Compétition Cube de Vitesse Speed Cube Magic Cube Puzzle 3D - Sans Autocollants / STICKERLESS - B01NCX2RSB

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