Glass Go Stones (8mm) in cardboard box - B01N4N33MD

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  • 8mm thick glass Go stones

  • Full set of black and white stones

  • Good value stones suitable for all abilities

  • Supplied in simple cardboard containers

  • For basic Go sets, glass stones provide an adequate feel and 'click' nicely when being played onto the board.

    The disadvantage is that they may have the odd imperfection, the thickness varies slightly and they are more easily chipped than clamshell and slate stones.

    None-the-less, they represent excellent value for money and will suit most people just fine.

    The Glass Go stones come in cardboard containers.

    Contains small parts. Unsuitable for children younger than 4 years old.

    Approx. dimensions: 8mm thick, 22mm diameter

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    Glass Go Stones (8mm) in cardboard box - B01N4N33MD

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